Artist Lineup Poster

As for the general update, the progress so far has been excellent!  These guys are all amazing.  Here are some of the blog/WIP posts from April’s milestone. Makes me all warm and fuzzy seeing
John’s Bike Squad
Bases Created by Dave Taylor and Secret Weapon Miniatures
bike Squad
Stiening Bone Basingsons or orar bikesbike squad complete
brian's wave serpents and guardian squad
Celso's Wraithguard
Chris Exarch
Farseer's Robe
Neils Scorpions 1 Neils Scorpions 2 Neils Scorpions 3 Neils Scorpions 4
kens swooping hawksKens Army WIP Collage 2015
5 Swooping Hawks
Seans Chapter Master 3Seans Chapter Master 4Seans Chapter Master 1 Seans Chapter Master 2
seans chapter master 6seans chapter master 5seans chapter master 7seans chapter master 8
AJ’s Tactical Squad
Taflan Tactical Squad Taflan Tactical Squad 2 TAFLAN Marines Vigilante 
McCuen Army
Dubuque Vindicator
Ballards WIP Collage 2015
max jetbikes