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CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNERS from the first NOCF Fall Raffles!


Bolt Action, Medium Tank T-34/85, by James Wapple, was won by, Travis Cannon of Springfield, Oregon, USA

WH 40K Commissar, by David Faust, was won by, Michael Coates of Mililani, Hawaii, USA

Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Dominus, by Dave Taylor, was won by, Shawn Overton of Manitoba, Canada


The Deathwatch Army, by Astartes of Charity 2017, was won by, Tom Angove of New South Whales, Australia


The Fall NOCF 2017 Raffles saw people purchasing from 19 different nations: Australia, Brazil,
Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, & the United States.


From within the U.S. there were thirty-eight states represented: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, & Wisconsin.


NOCF thanks everyone for being a part of our most successful year ever!