Horus Heresy: The Burning of Prospero

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A Warhammer 30K Charity Special of Horus Heresy “Burning of Prospero”

$5 per ticket – $10 minimum for cart checkout.

Winner Drawn at LVO on Sunday, February 5, 2017, at 3pm PST
(need not be present to win; NOCF will ship worldwide)

One of the hottest items in the game, this newly released box set (10/22/2016) will arrive with its professionally painted army courtesy of the NOCF Artist Consortium! The color scheme matches that used by the Games Workshop ‘Eavy Metal team.  What’s included:

  • Thousand Sons Chief Librarian Ahzek Ahriman
  • Five (5) Thousand Sons Tartaros-pattern Terminators
  • Twenty (20) Thousand Sons Space Marines
  • Space Wolves Champion, Geigor Fell-Hand
  • Ten (10) Space Wolves Space Marines
  • Five (5) Legio Custodes
  • Five (5) Sisters of Silence

This year, proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Thanks & appreciation to the NOCF Artists rolling out this incredible 2017 Special Offering. This talented group of painters (combined) has won 4 Slayer Swords, 70 Golden Demon awards, and 15 Crystal Brush awards in their many years of painting. Amazing!!

  • Damon Drescher
  • Rich Erickson
  • Jeff Jenkins
  • Celso Mendez, Jr.
  • David Pauwels
  • Brian Sobb
  • Dave Taylor
  • Chris Borer


Legion arrives in fully customized transport case donated by KR MULTICASE, with custom acrylic templates from TNT LASER WORKS.

 bop-burningboard bop-tsterminators4 bop-tsterminators3 bop-tsterminators2 bop-tsterminators1 bop-tsspacemarines3 bop-tsspacemarines2 bop-tsspacemarines1 bop-tsahriman2 bop-tsahriman1 bop-swspacemarines1 bop-swgeigor2 bop-swgeigor1 bop-sisters1 bop-custodes3 bop-custodes2 bop-custodes1