Army: Sons of Orar Space Marines (2015)

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A Charity Army Built & Painted by the NOCF Artist Consortium of 2015sons of orar

Sons of Orar Space Marines

“The Emperor’s will guides us, the Primarch’s blood strengthens us, the Founder’s example drives us. No foe can stand before us and prevail.”
— Alavaan, Chapter Master of the Sons of Orar

The basic history of the Sons of Orar was lost to Imperial records, but it is known that they revere Orar, the legendary Ultramarines Captain who ascended to mythic status in the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. The Sons of Orar claim the titular Orar as their spiritual patriarch, and are listed in the Lexicon as a successor chapter to the Ultramarines, though this history is lost to the sands of time.

Following the example of their sire chapter, the Sons of Orar have a wide range of battle strategies at their disposal. They rely on the Codex Astartes for their general combat makeup, and stand as some of the greatest generalists of the Imperium. The Imperial Fists might be better at siege warfare, the Aurora chapter might be better with heavy armor, but the Sons of Orar can match their efforts with competence.

This concept of being a “jack-of-all trades” chapter translates well into their army. For mobility, Chapter Master Alavaan rides with his bike squad. For a heavier assault, a series of drop pods, an Imperial Knight, and a Vindicator are at the Sons’ disposal. If all else fails, the will of the Tactical Marines should suffice against any foe.


2000 Point Base Army, with a lot of flexibility up and down:

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