Army: Flames of War Batalion Piechoty (2015)

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A Charity Army Built & Painted by Steve McCuenBatalionPiechoty-Combined FULL ARMY

Flames of War:  Batalion Piechoty (Polish Infantry)

Alongside the Blitzkrieg Supplement, the Polish Batalion Piechoty stands as a remarkably adaptable army, worthy of attention. First of note is the core; each company can comprise up to four platoons, meaning that there could be as many as 49 infantry teams in one element. At the same time, while all units are deployed, the platoons can act independently of each another.

Supporting the infantry, a battery of options (pun intended) can be brought to bear against an opposing force. Anti-tank guns, cavalry, light tanks, and scouts are all available to the Batalion Piechoty. A Batalion Piechoty player can also take advantage of four artillery batteries, in addition to an armored train. Given that artillery can double as an anti-tank measure, and that cavalry and tanks add to the army’s mobility, the Batalion Piechoty has options other than being a meat-grinder force.

The mix provided can act as a spectacular core set, while also being noteworthy for the wiggle room present. The mix of artillery, infantry, and more, weighs in at 1620 points, meaning that some units will need to be subtracted before reaching the current standard of 1500 points.

1620 Point Base Army, with a lot of flexibility up and down:  Batalion Piechoty



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