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Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins is yet another acclaimed miniature paint artist who joined the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Artist Consortium in 2014.  He and Brian Ballard, admittedly, joined as a team – it was a great two-fer for the Foundation and for the Macragge Project!

Currently living in Maryland, Jeff shared some history of his path into miniature art:

“I started on my path through this hobby over twenty years ago when I strolled into one of the few Games Workshops in the United States at the time and picked up my copy of Rogue Trader and my very first RTB01 box of Space Marines.  I’m an avid gamer, but have always gravitated most towards the hobby aspects of the wargaming spectrum.  As much as I love to play, I’ll always favor fluff over function, as is evidenced by my usual performance at tournaments.  Warhammer is one of the few activities I engage in where I can truly say I don’t care about winning.  For me, a cinematic battle that ends in the utter destruction of my forces is just as entertaining as trouncing my opponent.

I currently maintain Dark Angels/Angels of Absolution, Grey Knights, Red Scorpions, and Ulthwe Eldar armies.  In addition, I’m working on a pre-heresy Emperor’s Children army once I finish up my Red Scorpions.  I’m also spreading my wings a bit beyond the GW world and exploring Malifaux, Infinity, and Dropzone Commander.

I’m a software engineer by trade, although I spent a couple of years working for Games Workshop in one of their retail stores, and have since co-founded a software company with one of the other painters working on this year’s armies (Brian Ballard).”

Follow Jeff’s WORKS in PROGRESS at:  His online alter ego is “RogueShader.”  Facebook:,  His website is under development at the moment; check back now and then:  You can also find him using the rogueshader handle on Twitter and Tumblr.