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Sean Fulton

The NOCF was introduced to Sean Fulton several years ago by one of the NOVA Open’s former staff members – Mike Schaefer. Sean has a very real interest in the hobby, and in giving back to the community as demonstrated by his work on each of the NOVA Open projects over the past 3 years.  We’re glad to have him on board once again this year with the Sons of Horus!  We asked him to share a little about himself with us:

“I am a lifelong Kansas resident.  Like many of us, I was introduced to miniatures playing D&D growing up as a teen in the 80’s.  Once high school was finished, life got busy and time slipped by without any painting at all. In 2000, I was done with my studies, had found a job and had a couple children.  I was going through some old things and found those old gaming miniatures painted so long ago.  I took the brush back up and with the help of the internet, reconnected with the hobby. These days, I am much more a painter rather than a gamer. I have been fortunate to win and place in a few online competitions and was named Best in Show at Wyrd’s Halloween contest one year and was runner up Best in Show at ReaperCon one year, as well as winning a couple of Golden Sophies from Reaper. I’d like to say I have some interests outside of the miniature world, but I’d be hedging quite a bit…”

Follow Sean’s WORKS in PROGRESS at:  You can also enjoy his Cool Mini Or Not portfolio at