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Roman Lappat

Roman is best known for his classes and blog, Massive Voodoo.  He also co-authored the miniature artbook, “Figure Art.” This internationally recognized German artist is also renowned by many in the hobby for the amazing diorama he created for Slayer Sword in 2013 (VIDEO).

Roman shared some thoughts with us:  “My hobby of Miniature Painting became my full-time day job in 2009. Since then, I am following my path of passion, painting mainly display pieces for collectors and teaching miniature painting classes all over the globe.  I have taken part in many top tier miniature art competitions all over Europe, proudly winning an assortment of medals, including a few “Best of Shows.”  I have also been invited to participate on judging teams for several worldwide events, including the NOVA Open’s Capital Palette.

“The fuel for my passion to still enjoy this as a daily job is the great numbers of wonderful people I meet during my journeys and the joy of happy painting I find when sitting at my workbench. When I was asked if I would like to paint for the cause of the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, I did not need a second thought. What is better than to paint and fundraise for a charity like Doctors Without Borders?!”

Roman will be judging the Capital Palette again in 2017, his third year in a row. His classes are often the first to sell out.

Follow Roman’s work at: MASSIVE VOODOO!