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Matt DiPietro

“I’m always searching for ways to project a positive message… to make a positive impact on the world through my artwork. So when a friend told me about the good work of the Nova Open Charitable Foundation it seemed like a natural fit. I’m excited to contribute for the first year and I’m already planning to continue to support the NOCF in the future.”

Matt DiPietro is one of the most prolific miniature painters working today. He started tabletop gaming as a young teen adventuring in the dank dungeons of the Hero’s Quest board game. Over the years that followed many great adventures were had but the biggest adventure was yet to come! In his early twenties Matt had the great opportunity to launch his career in miniatures when he landed a job at a small start up company called: Privateer Press. Over the next decade he shaped the painting of both Warmachine and Hordes as the lead studio miniature artist. These days he makes his living teaching the next generation of miniature artisans, and creating miniature art for private collectors under the banner of Contrast Miniatures.
As an award winning painter, sculptor, and industry professional Matt can speak about all aspects of our hobby. Recently, he has developed an unique “Sketch Style” designed specifically for gamers who want to create highly expressive miniatures in a fraction of the time. By teaching this style he hopes to help painters of all skill levels take their painting to places they never thought possible!

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