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Ken Webb

Ken Webb knocked on our door and offered to help – and we said, “Absolutely!” Enjoy meeting this artist, in his own words:

“In college, I saw a friend’s set of Orks and Imperial Guard and asked why a grown man would be painting little plastic things and who needed that many six sided dice? Not knowing what this “40,000 Warhammers” thing was, I went out and acquired a copy of Dawn of War, and as many relate, the rest is history. I began wargaming seriously in 2010 and started taking painting seriously in 2011. Since then, I try to not only create great looking models, but have fun while doing it and enjoy the tongue in cheek nature the setting. I did go through the artists on the site [before reaching out to NOCF] . . . wow, that is one huge list of guys that are above and beyond! I am humbled to be a part of this great charity opportunity around peers of such amazing talent and skill. I have a small handful of awards, but look to keep creating and keep competing. And making smiles with some of my nuttier work, such as the Kaldor Dayglow army. I currently reside in California, but have lived across the country working with the Air Force. Looking forward to getting the ball rolling.”

Follow Ken’s WORKS in PROGRESS at: DakkaDakka Gallery