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Justin McCoy

Justin “misterjustin” McCoy is a renowned member of the tabletop wargaming community in so many ways, it is hard to keep track: he has earned the respect and admiration of the tabletop wargaming community for the generous advice and magnanimous encouragement he gives to anyone looking for a way to bring the community closer together.


Owner and operator of, his products and presence have been sponsoring conventions and prize packages across the country since the company began in 2009.  In particular, he has been a dedicated and tireless sponsor of the NOVA Open and the NOCF since inception. Justin is also a popular hobby seminar instructor who has been teaching classes like Airbrushing Minis, Weathering and Using Pigments, and Masterclass Painting for years.  The NOVA Open seminars he will be leading can be found HERE. A number of instructional videos can also be found on his website; a master class in using crushed glass to create snow is of particular note because Secret Weapon Miniatures donated this product to the Macragge artists, together with bases for all models! Not able to rest on all those laurels, he also successfully funded the first four themes of his Tablescapes Tiles ™ modular gaming boards on Kickstarter in 2013, complete with matching bases and terrain, to give the community a fully themed army, literally from the ground up.

“MisterJustin” is also an exceptional miniature artist in his own right, with several awards decorating his sleves.  He has also served as a judge – and, in fact, Chief Judge at the 
Capital Palette – of miniature art competitions for years. He joins the Artist Consortium from California.

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For Battle for the Craftworld:  
Justin will be painting both Predators for the Sons of Orar Space Marines.