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John Stiening

John Stiening and his wife have lived in Washington, D.C. for a decade. They are regular players of Settlers of Cattan with friends, and are avid Game of Thrones fans. Their life has been on Capitol Hill where John runs a software development company which had its first significant product launch earlier this year – severely limiting his hobby time. Until recently, his office was located a few blocks from their home. “Until recently” because his office building burned to the ground in June. Shrugging into a natural humor, John wants everyone to know: “The enormous box of popcorn we had in our back conference room popped before it was incinerated!”

John started playing 40k way back in high school, around 1989 or so. He had just moved to Texas from northern California and knew no one. Texas was quite the shock for a skateboarding kid from Sunnyvale. An encounter at a mall lead him to a game store where he was invited to join in a crazy game being played on the floor. In that first game, he learned about temporal distort, a psychic power that allowed his team to constantly take turns while the opposing team impotently watched their forces evaporate under never-ending assault cannon fire. Despite the complete lack of balance, everyone had a great time, and he purchased his first squats. They had a rule in their “little game group”: If it wasn’t painted, it couldn’t be used. Result: John Stiening began painting up a storm! He’s won awards from Armies on Parade at a local GW store, to Warpstone National Painting League by GW.

Over the years, he’s dipped into an out of the hobby. He found painting and collecting therapeutic while recovering from surgery back in 2009. He blames Black Library for setting the lure – once he discovered them, he was hooked. The Horus Heresy novels and FW models are John’s definition of The Pinnacle of 40k.

Follow John’s WORKS in PROGRESS at: WIP and Finished Redemption pieces at 40k Hobby Blog.