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Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor joined the NOCF’s Redemption of the Fallen project in 2013 when another artist, Gabe Dobkin, suffered an arm injury. Dave, who resides in Maryland, is among our most well-known artists; he has received numerous awards and his blog,, is closing in on 2,000 members. He returned in 2014, not only as an artist on The Macragge Project, but as a mentor to the Board of Directors. He has helped identify artists for both armies, reached out to friends and fellow artists to fill in any gaps, and will lead the conversations in each group to form consensus on the armies’ themes for bases, styling and colors. He continues to work with the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation and help with the artists.

An Aussie native, Dave was naturalized as a U.S. Citizen in 2013. First clue? Every email ends with “Cheers!” The Foundation and the 2014 Macragge Project are the beneficiaries of this artist’s experience and generosity, and we’re pleased to announce his return in 2015 for the Battle for the Craftworld. A little about Dave by Dave:

“I’ve been painting and gaming since 1991. For the last 20 years I’ve also been lucky enough to make a living in the wargaming industry; first with Games Workshop, then with Battlefront Miniatures/Wargames Illustrated, and most recently in my own venture – Dave Taylor Miniatures. Painting and modeling has been such an important part of my life for a long time, that I don’t really have any other hobbies (they’d only cut into my painting time). I’ve entered a few painting competitions along the way, and I’m proud of the awards I’ve been able to win, but I’m certainly most proud of the wonderful family I’m a part of, my wife and two young daughters help keep me reasonably grounded in reality. ”

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For the Battle for the Craftworld:  Dave will be painting three Drop Pods and a Librarian for the Sons of Orar, and will also be painting a few Dire Avengers for the Alaitoc.