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Chris Dubuque

You know him as “Jawaballs” or about him from reading his blog, The Blood Angels.  Now meet him as the miniature artist and businessman he is. Chris was a featured artist in the 2013 Redemption of the Fallen Dark Angel army and in 2014 in the Macragge Project, 2015 in the Battle for the Craftworld.  

Chris lives in Trumbull, CT. He is well known for his videos on Youtube and The Blood Angels where he discusses all facets of painting and playing 40k, surviving zombies, and life in general. He recently finished a Kickstarter project, successfully launching his series of painting DVDs, The Jawaballs Way.  A little more in the artist’s own words:

“This is my fourth year participating in a charity army build, having proudly taken part in the Storm Wardens project, Heroes of Armageddon, last year’s NOCF Dark Angels build and this year’s Macragge  Ultramarine Army.  It is a rewarding pleasure to be part of this force for good.  One of my prized memories is having the privilege of being present when the first winner got to open the Storm Warden Army box, an army organized by the hard working crew at Santa Cruz. I have been painting models since the fall of 2006 when my friend Fritz introduced me to his Eldar army. Over all that time, I have humbly had the opportunity to inspire thousands of others through my work. As an art teacher, there is no greater reward. All I can say is thank you to every one who has followed me over the years. You are the reason why I do this and your kindness cannot be measured.”

His painting competition credentials are many.  He has won more “best painted” awards “than he can count.”  His most notable such wins were at GTs like Mechanicon, Battle for Salvation, and The Conflict GT.  More recently he won “Best Single Mini” at the 2011 NOVA Open with his Nonmetallic The Sanguinor, and he owns a Crystal Brush for “Best Sci-Fi” from Templecon the same year. 

Follow Chris’s WORKS in PROGRESS at:  The Blood Angels