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Celso Mendez

Many thanks to Celso Mendez (aka “Celsork”) for joining the Macragge Ultramarine Team in 2014, adding another layer of “amazing” to the project. Learn more about Celsork in his own words:

” I started in the hobby in 2000, when a good friend of mine invited me to our local game store to check out this awesome game called Warhammer 40k. After one look, I was hooked – and I have been gaming and painting since then. I own several armies; Black Templars were my first, followed by Orks, CSM, Eldar, Fantasy Ogres, and I just recently started a new Horus Heresy Sons of Horus army. In 2009, I joined the 40k radio freebootas forum, where I picked up the name “Celsork.”  It is the name I use on my hobby stuff.

I’m from México, Monterrey, and a Tax lawyer by profession.  In my free time, I enjoy painting, reading, playing board games, and watch TV and movies. I learned about the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation through Facebook and Bell of Lost Souls, and I am a big fan of the Foundation’s projects.”

Follow Celso’s WORKS in PROGRESS at:  Twitter: @Celsork / You can also follow Celsork on FB: