Australia’s Fires – How We Can Help

The bushfires in Australia have captured the hearts of people around the world, challenging all of us to wonder what we can do to help.  In our tabletop wargamer and miniature hobbyist communities, it is no different. Last week, Roman Lappat reached out with a wonderful fundraising idea to benefit the relief efforts currently underway. NOCF is happy to announce and participate in this collaborative effort with him.
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2018 Fall Raffles Are Live!

Fall Raffle sales went live on Monday, October 15; they will close Sunday, November 25. More amazing work by NOCF Artist Consortium!

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Summer 2018 Raffle Winners

Drum roll, please…

Congratulations to all of our summer 2018 raffle winners
Thank you to all who purchased raffle tickets and donated their models and services

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Fall 2018 Raffle Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to the NOCF Fall 2018 Raffle Winners!

Special thanks to all who purchased raffle tickets and donated models and services in this season’s raffles.

223 Orders
2276 Tickets Sold
$4,552 Raised
Gamers in 19 Countries Participated!

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NOCF Donations Total Over $200K Through 2018

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) held its final Board meeting of the year on Monday, 12/03/18. After careful review of the Treasurer’s Report, we are proud to announce that NOCF will be donating – in the name of Tabletop Wargamers Worldwide – $85,000 this year!

The Board is also excited to share that these donations will raise the total given away since 2013 to over $210,000. Equally impressive, this year’s donations will double what NOCF gave to these charities in 2017:

  • Doctors Without Borders, $40,000
  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation, $20,000
  • Fisher House Foundation, $20,000

A $5,000 donation was also made to the Arlington County Police Department, Friends & Family Funds in appreciation for their support of NOCF at NOVA Open 2018.

The NOCF enjoys substantial support from donors who target their contributions on specific costs, like tangible property, support products, storage, space, move-in/move-out costs, and more. In 2018, the value of these donations exceeded $55,000. These donations allow monies from the fundraisers to be available for the charities you support. If you get a chance, write to and thank the NOVA Open and its all-volunteer staff for making this possible.

Congratulations to the winners of the 34 online raffles run by NOCF in 2018. Special thanks to those who participated in those online Raffles, supported the Silent Auction at NOVA Open, and spent time in the Foundation Lounge at the NOVA Open convention. Join us in sending sincere appreciations, as well, to Susan Perkins and the lounge staff who always exceed expectations – and to the entertainers who provided interest and activities in the Foundation Lounge for five nights in 2018.

Beyond those three fundraisers, special recognition for the success of 2018 NOCF goes to NOVA Open attendees who donated during registration, as well as the following donors: Marc Raley and the NOVA Open 30K team, Figure Painting Magazine, Historicon, Sam Sedghi, KR Multicase, Tablewar Designs, Game Envy, Remembrancer’s Retreat, and Epic Quest Master.

Best Regards,
NOCF Board of Directors

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