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Prize Week #4: Powered Play Gaming

Thank you Powered Play Gaming for this week’s raffle prize.

Each week during the 2014 NOCF charity army raffle season, one person will win a $25.00 gift certificate from one of our great sponsors. To be eligible, you must have purchased tickets in at least one of the raffles. Sponsor prize will be listed on Sundays; drawings will take place Saturdays. Winner will be announced at and notified by email with instructions on how to redeem the gift certificate.

Choose from among the many hobby items available at  Powered Play Gaming:

PPG 300 x200 product

About Powered Play Gaming:

Our Team

We’re Chris & Chris. It’s cute, we know…

Chris Wessling, CEO, came up with the idea for the kits about a year ago. His then 4 year old son wandered into the garage one day, and found a box of Warhammer 40K miniatures that had been collecting dust. Invigorated by the ability to share an old passion with his son, Chris bought him a new army and wondered, “Wouldn’t it be cool to put lights on this tank?” So, he researched it, looked at the tutorials and was frustrated by the complexity of what’s out there. Thus, using his US Navy nuclear reactor operator training, and NASA-spec soldering skills, he began creating the product.

A year later, he meets Chris Michaels, COO (Chris 2) – a marketing and PR guy who’s been helping launch startups, representing major tech firms and being a spokesperson for a major county fair. Chris 2 was intrigued, since he grew up building models with his dad and uncle, and remembered trying to put lights into model terrain sets and scale stealth fighters. He understood the marketing and business, and shared the passion for giving people the tools to be even more creative with their hobbies. It was a killer match and this past January, we formed PoweredPlay Gaming.

Today we’re often rubbing elbows in the Bay Area with local gamers, hobbyists, store owners and experts as we test our products, show off new prototypes and drool over the applications that other people come up with. We’re sponsoring local role-playing games, national tournaments like Adepticon and a range of other events, and we may be hosting one soon at a store near you.