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Prize Week #13: TheWarStore.Com (Drawing 07/05/14)

Thanks to TheWarStore.Com for this week’s raffle prize. ¬†Winner will be drawn and posted on July 5, 2014.

Each week during the 2014 NOCF charity army raffle season, one person will win a $25.00 gift certificate from one of our great sponsors. To be eligible, you must have purchased tickets in at least one of the raffles. Sponsor prize will be listed on Sundays; drawings will take place Saturdays. Winner will be announced at and notified by email with instructions on how to redeem the gift certificate.

Choose from among the many hobby items available at  The WarStore:


About The WarStore:

TheWarStore Philosophy








Written – first day of business, November 1st 1999

I have been in retailing all my life (Indeed the only reason I was taught math at all was so I could work a cash register), and learned at a very young age the key to retail success is always putting the customer first. If you are a TheWarStore customer I will do my best to make you happy. And that does not mean throwing around simple slogans, platitudes, or buzz words. In concrete terms my “Customer First” policies define what a TheWarStore shopping experience should be like:

– Low prices
– Fast Shipping
– Easy phone access and good email communication
– Fast resolution of order problems at no cost to you!
-Total confidentiality and security for credit card transactions and your personal information
– A site interested in your feedback and suggestions

Does this mean we never make a mistake? Not at all. But it does mean that everything around here happens under my watchful eye and I take full responsibility for it. We work hard every day to make your shopping experience worry and hassle free. And if we make a mistake we will fix it right away, and without cost to you. You have my word on that.
Thanks for shopping here!

Neal Catapano
Grand Pooh Bah