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June 14 & 21: Winners of Weekly Drawings

Congratulations to Andrew Eriksen of Calgary, Alberta, Canada > Winner of the $25 Secret Weapon Miniatures gift certificate!

Congratulations to Mathieu Pillard of Paris, France > Winner of the $25 Powered Play gift certificate!

And, once again, a sincere thank you to Justin McCoy of Secret Weapon Miniatures and Chris Michael of Powered Play for supporting the charity army raffles.

Each week during the 2014 NOCF charity army raffle season, one person will win a $25.00 gift certificate from one of our great sponsors. To be eligible, you must have purchased tickets in at least one of the raffles. Sponsor prize will be listed on Sundays; drawings will take place Saturdays. Winners will be announced at and notified by email with instructions on how to redeem the gift certificate. Participants may only win once in the weekly drawing program.