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Joe Johnson

A native of Georgia, with a brief stint in upstate NY, I have been involved in the tabletop gaming community since around 2002. Initially it was supposed to stay small but as I look in my garage…well I failed at keeping it small. In 2003 I got the painting bug while attending Adepticon and have not looked back. Since that time I have traveled all over the country to play in tournaments and paint contests winning many trophies. I have won best painted more times than I can count with a wall and cabinet of trophies including Battle for Salvation, NOVA, ATC, The WAUGH, and a few GW GT’s. I even have a few Golden Demons collecting dust but still need to work on getting that Crystal Brush to match Jawa (heh). I have made a lot of friends and have grown to really love this community especially on the painting aspect side. I have known Dave since his GW days and had the opportunity to paint the Death Company in their Heroes of Armageddon army a few years back. Jawa and I have had a friendly rivalry with painting for a few years now but regrettably I don’t run into him in the South Eastern tournament events. Most people know me for my clean paint style and my “Skittle” Salamanders army. It’s an honor to be included on the team this year.

It is a challenge as the paint style is a weathered, dirty look, so I have a lot to learn, but I am up for the challenge.