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Jason Craze

I’m a 70’s baby and come from a time where you had to get lucky to find things like miniature wargaming. My luck came in the form of 3 other kids on my block that liked to throw dice and blow things up. Started with D&D, Starfleet Battles, Battletech and just grew from there. By finding a good balance with other hobbies in my life, miniatures have been able to follow me well into my 40’s and remain a growing passion as well as a daily job.

I paint every day and present my techniques in the form of live tutorials over on to an awesome community of folks of all ages. My goal is to continue to not only give painters more information to grow their skills, but to also introduce new people to our great world every chance I get.

I came to the Nova Foundation through Dave Taylor, whom I’ve known since the early 2000’s when I worked at Games Workshop with him. The energy surrounding the Foundation is just great and the opportunity to help out couldn’t be passed up. Thanks for having me!

My works and bad comedy can always be found over on as well as