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Brian Ballard

While I group up playing Tactics II with my Dad, I got into 40k in high school, nearly 20 years ago, when Jeff Jenkins (fellow NOCF painter) took me to Games Workshop and introduced me to the hobby. I bought a box of Khorne Berzerkers and never looked back. I love the tactics and love playing it with an army worthy of all the fluff that the game brings to bear – to me that means an amazing paint job. I used to paint my friends’ armies in order to get them to play with more than just base coating.

I love Eldar due to how vibrant they are and I’m so glad they have a new codex and a model refresh. My current work of passion/pain is Imperial Fists. Yellow is so difficult for me but offers a really rewarding challenge when done right.

I’m having better luck at modeling my fun ideas – two years ago I took ‘Best Modeled Stratagem’ at Adepticon for my Skyfire piece. It broke my heart to miss last year’s Adepticon, but my wife had a baby girl then so there is no better reason to miss the event.


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