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A.J. Taflan

I first started painting and gaming in 2000 when my friends introduced me to Warhammer Fantasy. My main focus is 40K, but I still paint a fantasy model here or there. I really got serious about painting when I moved to Denver in 2009. I was surrounded by so many great painters and it really inspired me to take my painting to the next level. Ken Webb was one of those Denver painters that pushed me. Thanks to Ken, I am helping with this great charity as he put my name forward as someone who could help! I am honored to be standing alongside such esteemed artists. It is a really humbling experience and it’s for an amazing cause. I have always wanted to use my talents to help others and this is just the thing. I hope to continue to connect with artists around the world and look forward to helping for years to come! I currently reside in the beautiful state of Montana.

You can follow my work at: