This Ultramarine army (Blood & Honor: The Defense of Macragge) update is from artist Neil Szabo. Neil had shared some of his thoughts with us:
“I started the process with John’s awesome Ultramarine’s Blue armour and air brushed that on. Then I began to fill in details like faces and eyes first. I like to start with the faces firs as that is where a person’s attention is naturally drawn to on a model anyway. Next I moved on the doing the leather gold and metal. The gold and leather turned out quite well and I’m rather pleased with how simple they were too. The remainder of the details like lenses, ropes and insignia were done next. In the future I’ll be working on the fatigues and cloaks, but first I want to paint up the lovely bases from Mr Justin so that I can decide what color tones to use on the scouts cloaks ;) The last step will be to revisit the armour for final highlights and weathering.”