This Ultramarine army (Blood & Honor: The Defense of Macragge) update is from artist Dave Taylor:

The first two years Dave Taylor worked on charity army projects, he added something unexpected to each army towards the end – waiting to surprise the community with a Taylor Special. For the NOCF Battle of Macragge Project this year, it’s no different. Are you ready for this? In Dave’s own words:

“Many years ago, I built a Land Raider for my Ultramarines, and mounted a Tyranid Carnifex carcass on top, kind of like a trophy from the Tyranid Invasion – the very same invasion we are “replicating” with our two Macragge armies this year. I’ve spoken with John Stiening (fellow Blood & Honor artist), and he is willing to help me update the paint job on the Land Raider to match his brilliant style of painting – after which I’ll finish off the little details on it. This tank was part of the Ultramarine army that inspired John to build and paint his own Ultramarine army, which became the paint scheme template for this charity army we are working on. Being able to donate this Land Raider, painted by John and I, will be a nice little “full-circle” narrative, too.”

Dave actually asked if the NOCF would mind. Anyone? We said “Absolutely” and cannot wait to show off the transformation when John and Dave are finished. Thanks to both of these amazing artists for this bonus piece!