This Tyranid (Scythes of Behemoth) army update is from Gabe Dobkin.
Gabe had this to say:
“Hello all! It is Gabe Dobkin (a.k.a. – Cobra Commander) writing to you from here in sunny Florida. I am happy to once again return as a contributing artist for another NOVA charity army. I have never painted any Tyranid models before, so this should be fun.
“I finally got around to cleaning, prepping, and assembling my trio of Lictors. I have affectionately nick-named them Flopsy, Mopsy, and Peter Cottontail (Death Leaper being Peter Cottontail of course!)  All in all, the Finecast kits were supplied in good shape. The tail bit on Death Leaper was the only badly cast and deformed bit amongst all three kits. I managed to coax it back into shape, pin it in place, and fill the gaps with Green Stuff. A little sanding and it appears to be good to go! Phase two will be priming these guys with black spray, but it has been a little too hot and humid for that lately. Here are a few pics. More to follow as time and weather permit!”