Today’s Featured 2017 Charity Model:

For those of you out there that think neophyte is another word for “meatshield”. To those of you who kill 50 heretics after being deployed from your Drop Pod before the doors open. To everyone who keeps a pillow under your plasma rifle. To all who listen, smile, and agree, only to declare exterminate anyway.

It has been brought to our attention that “The Purge” is about to begin:

What better ally to suffer not the heretic than the:

Terminator Chaplin

[Painted by Drew Palies]

You too can suspect heresy in everyone! Bring justice and retribution to those who dare ruin the Emperor’s groove by purchasing raffle tickets here.

This raffle is in support of:

Doctors without Borders / Medecins sans Frontieres

If you are unwilling to give your support you will be subject to orbital bombing.