Today’s Featured 2017 Charity Model:

Do you sleep in an X-Wing shaped water bed? Where you born on May the 4th? Have you ever ‘wished upon the deathstar’? Do you own any records by ‘Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes’? Is your side business running a moisture farm? Need to get your Star Wars groove on?

Well look no further citizens of a galaxy far, far away, and feast your eyes upon these beauties!


Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing, Organa’s Angels

(Painted by Madeline Cockrell)


Named after the princes of hair buns herself.



Bring this band of Rebel ships into battle and send the Imperial scum into oblivion!

This year, proceeds will benefit Fisher House

Purchase tickets for this raffle here.

If you don’t support this raffle, and you start to show symptoms of ‘hibernation sickness’, don’t say we didn’t warn you.