Today’s Featured 2017 Charity Model:

Is your power armor infected with every form of disease and decay known to man, alien, and heretic? Have you embraced the Great Nurgle? Have your teeth, hair and, er, um…other things fallen off only to be replaced by more…beneficial…things? Have people ever shouted “Traitor!” at you?

Well look no further my disease infected…friends…and cast your eyes upon this wonder! Now you can take revenge on all those who turned you down at the Emerpor’s Prom and called you a “filthy Betrayer!” Mow down those who would dare stand for anything not infected with the love for Plague Marines with:

Death Guard Legion, Sicarian Tank

(Painted by John McAvoy; of Wicked Gaming Studios)

All the cool chicks dig Astartes!

You can purchase raffle tickets for the Death Guard Legion, Sicarian Tank here.


This raffle is in support of:

Doctors without Borders / Medecins sans Frontieres

So purchase some raffle tickets to support the rapid spread of rot and decay.