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As for the general update, the progress so far has been excellent!  These guys are all amazing.  Here are some of the blog/WIP posts from April’s milestone. Makes me all warm and fuzzy seeing
John’s Bike Squad
Bases Created by Dave Taylor and Secret Weapon Miniatures
bike Squad
Stiening Bone Basingsons or orar bikesbike squad complete
brian's wave serpents and guardian squad
Celso's Wraithguard
Chris Exarch
Farseer's Robe
Neils Scorpions 1 Neils Scorpions 2 Neils Scorpions 3 Neils Scorpions 4
kens swooping hawksKens Army WIP Collage 2015
5 Swooping Hawks
Seans Chapter Master 3Seans Chapter Master 4Seans Chapter Master 1 Seans Chapter Master 2
seans chapter master 6seans chapter master 5seans chapter master 7seans chapter master 8
AJ’s Tactical Squad
Taflan Tactical Squad Taflan Tactical Squad 2 TAFLAN Marines Vigilante 
McCuen Army
Dubuque Vindicator
Ballards WIP Collage 2015
max jetbikes

This Ultramarine army (Blood & Honor: The Defense of Macragge) update is from artist Marc Raley. Marc has been working on a pair of Thunderfire Cannons for the NOCF Macragge project  – specifically, the Ultramarine army, “Blood & Honor: Defense of Macragge.”  He shares, “The guns are almost complete. Techmarines are base-coated. Here is a quick progress shot from the workbench. More photos to come soon!” Follow these cannons to completion at Marc Raley Miniatures.

Thunderfire Cannon First Look



Captain Wes Cogdal, owner/artist Stiff Neck Studio, has completed Contemptor Dreadnought. It is making a long trip from Okinawa, Japan, to Virginia to be here in time for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Silent Auction – which will take place during the NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention in Washington, D.C., from August 28-31, 2014.





This Ultramarine army (Blood & Honor: The Defense of Macragge) update is from artist John Stiening.  This is a follow up on the Repainting of a Dave Taylor Masterpiece: Dave had the idea to update this quintessential piece from his Ultramarines force, blending both of our current styles. In this combined effort, John’s task was color modulation, grime streaking, and dust. The goal is to update the model to the blue recipe used in the NOVACF force, and then hand the model off to Dave to work his detail magic.

Stiening 1 of 5 Web Stiening 3 of 5 Web Stiening 4 of 5 Web Stiening 5 of 5 Web


This Tyranid army (Scythes of Behemoth) updates are from artist Brian Ballard. Genestealers, Mawloc and Carnifex are complete!  Kudos to Brian for Genestealers on Abbey Road!  Check out these other great shots:

Carnifex Mawloc

Genestealers GenestealerSide



This Tyranid army (Scythes of Behemoth) updates are from artist Sean Fulton. He gets us up close and personal with a Venomthrope tentacle!  Sean adds, “Been a busy week with FPM [Figure Painter Magazine], but I managed to get an article out on the venomthrope for this issue’s release.  I have been able to put together the bulk of the scheme for the limbs which will be part of another article promoting NOCF via the venomthrope paint job. I still need to do the final layer or two  of highlighting (particularly on the arm/hand itself), but I am quite close to finishing up this limb. As always, I am open to suggestions/critiques!



This Ultramarine army (Blood & Honor: The Defense of Macragge) update is from artist Dave Taylor:

The first two years Dave Taylor worked on charity army projects, he added something unexpected to each army towards the end – waiting to surprise the community with a Taylor Special. For the NOCF Battle of Macragge Project this year, it’s no different. Are you ready for this? In Dave’s own words:

“Many years ago, I built a Land Raider for my Ultramarines, and mounted a Tyranid Carnifex carcass on top, kind of like a trophy from the Tyranid Invasion – the very same invasion we are “replicating” with our two Macragge armies this year. I’ve spoken with John Stiening (fellow Blood & Honor artist), and he is willing to help me update the paint job on the Land Raider to match his brilliant style of painting – after which I’ll finish off the little details on it. This tank was part of the Ultramarine army that inspired John to build and paint his own Ultramarine army, which became the paint scheme template for this charity army we are working on. Being able to donate this Land Raider, painted by John and I, will be a nice little “full-circle” narrative, too.”

Dave actually asked if the NOCF would mind. Anyone? We said “Absolutely” and cannot wait to show off the transformation when John and Dave are finished. Thanks to both of these amazing artists for this bonus piece!



This Tyranid army (Scythes of Behemoth) updates are from artist Brian Ballard. First look at Mawloc. “About 1,000 more little blue lines to go and then I’ll try to punch up some extra details!



News flash! The Flames of War army by artist Steve McCuen is complete! See the  FOW WW2 Panzer Lehr Western Front Army. BUY TICKETS NOW – take a chance on winning this unique army and support a great charity, Wounded Warrior Project.

This massive bundle could easily make multiple different Armies, and at rough glance depending on which book you use to field, is easily over 3000 points of options.  Boxes off the shelf would easily run over $500, and that is without the 2 months of dedication artist Steve McCuen (CGR Painters West) put into its creation.  Need not be present to win this Late War army.


The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is proud to announce that it will be holding a raffle on a Flames of War Army by Steve McCuen, CGR Painters.  Steve became involved with the NOCF when he heard about our charity army raffles through Eric Fontaine’s Potential Projects page on Facebook.

Check out our new WIP page for the Flames of War army to see how the army is developing, and be sure to by raffle tickets to support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Here is a quick video detailing the Imperial Knight painted by John Stiening for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation raffle.

The proceeds from ticket sales will go to Doctor’s Without Borders. Tickets are a dollar each and can be purchased at (and more photos!)

This is all for a worthy cause and the Knight is part of a larger army! More information can be found at the link above or at


This Ultramarine army (Terra Firma Macragge) update is from artist Michael Frazier. The artist has joined forces with the NOCF to keep you in suspense. This is the final WIP until completed:



This Ultramarine army (Blood & Honor: The Defense of Macragge) update is from artist Neil Szabo. Neil had shared some of his thoughts with us:
“I started the process with John’s awesome Ultramarine’s Blue armour and air brushed that on. Then I began to fill in details like faces and eyes first. I like to start with the faces firs as that is where a person’s attention is naturally drawn to on a model anyway. Next I moved on the doing the leather gold and metal. The gold and leather turned out quite well and I’m rather pleased with how simple they were too. The remainder of the details like lenses, ropes and insignia were done next. In the future I’ll be working on the fatigues and cloaks, but first I want to paint up the lovely bases from Mr Justin so that I can decide what color tones to use on the scouts cloaks ;) The last step will be to revisit the armour for final highlights and weathering.”



This Tyranid (Scythes of Behemoth) army update is from Brian Ballard. The arms and magnetized parts are also painted and ready to go – Carnifex near Completion!


Canrifex 2

This Tyranid army (Scythes of Behemoth) updates are from artist Sean Fulton. The Venomthrope gets paint!
“Finally got some paint on this guy! The base is largely done, although if I have time I’ll be going back to do some weathering on the UM arm and perhaps a bit of color modulation on the rubble; lots of gray there… The snow of course is yet to be added.  The third pictures is the initial basecoat on the limb. Obviously still quite dark at this point, but I am liking the fade at this early stage.”


7-9 Venomtrhope 27-9 Venomthrope 1