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Chris Dubuque, volunteer artist

“I have been involved with charity events for years, from Kayak events to painting.  I love doing my bit to help the world be a better place. Plus I am in a situation where I am able to do so with my notoriety and business. It is part of giving back to the community. This is the third army painting project I have been involved with. The first was The Storm Wardens project where a group of us with no real idea of how to do it came together to do something good, and produced a beautiful army. The second time around I was a team leader on the Blood Angels part of a four army project called The Heroes of Armageddon. We painted four armies and raised about 30 thousand dollars for Doctors Without Borders and displayed the armies at Gamesday 2011.  Because of my connection to those projects I was invited to take part in this one and happily accepted.”

Chris Dubuque, 2013 Volunteer Artist & 2014 Macragge Artist Consortium