The holidays are upon us! Did you know you could support the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation with every gift you buy this year? It’s easy ~ just shop Amazon.Go to and choose the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation as your preferred organization. After that, a percentage of every purchase made through Amazon Smile will be directed straight to NOCF!

Remember, only purchases at, (not or the mobile app,) supports your charity.

Thank you for all your support!

The NOCF will be making combined donations to DWB, BCRF and Fisher House – in the name of the Compassionate Force of Tabletop Wargamers Worldwide – in excess of $25K this year. How much in excess? The Archaon raffle will determine that!

Tickets are still on sale to win this amazing first-ever Games Workshop donated studio mini (go ahead and laugh, it’s over 13″ tall!)  through 9/30/2016 at midnight.  More after that raffle closes!! The season’s not over until some lucky tabletop wargaming wins this incredible model – there’s still time. GREAT ODDS: Only 2000 tickets will be sold.  BUY TICKETS HERE.



There were still Archaon tickets left after the NOVA Open raffle closings on 9/4/16. The deal was simple, either sell all by that date or back on sale and a final drawing on SEPTEMBER 30, 2016!

The season’s not over until some lucky tabletop wargaming wins this incredible model – still time.


Archaon sword Archaon shield Archaon heads Archaon armour


Rich Erickson’s X-Wing Emerald Empire Squadron has been on a tear!  Only 70 tickets of 750 remain. Last Chance: BUY TICKETS NOW

NOVA Open Convention goers are buying tickets on site, too,  There are more than a dozen other wonderful items with tickets still available for purchase,. Greatest odds lie with the limited ticket models. Check them all out:  HERE!



Rich Erickson has completed the paint job on our X-Wing Emerald Empire Squadron!  We expect this “reveal” will result in another sell out – don’t miss out! BUY TICKETS NOW

There are more than a dozen other wonderful items with tickets still available for purchase:  HERE!



We are excited to announce that Pride of the 14th Legion has sold out – congratulations and good luck to the 750 ticket holders!!

Don’t let this disappoint you. There are more than a dozen other wonderful items with tickets still available for purchase:  HERE!



Will you be attending the NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention this year? It takes place at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport: September 1-4, 2016.

Why does this matter? Because they provide the NOCF with donated space for the purposes of running our annual Silent Auction – and this year may well be THE BEST YEAR EVER!

Incredible artists and sponsors have donated dozens of exclusive and valuable items to be auctioned off at this event from Friday morning, September 2 – Sunday afternoon, September 3. Check out the RULES and watch for updates to our page.




TNT Laser Works has created exclusive acrylic templates for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Armies and its Specials.  BUY TICKETS NOW!  The winner of these items will not only win the prize, but the templates – and they will arrive in a custom KR Multicase transport!  Check out the templates:

DSC_0446 DSC_0449 DSC_0451




Fun morning with cart glitches. They’ve been resolved and we could not be happier. Please come on in and shop some raffle tickets!



Thank you for your patience. Please come back and see us later today!



Support Great Charitable organizations. Buy raffle tickets. We’ve never offered so many incredible items at one time!  Something for everyone!

Unlimited Tickets @ $1each

40K: Da Bad Moon Skwadron – Premiere 2016 Consortium Army!
40K: Novamarines Adeptus Astartes
40K: Mjolinar Space Marines
FoW: WWII Soviet Tank Company

Only 2000 Tickets @ $5each


2016 SPECIALS + Corvus Belli Mini:
Only 750 Tickets @ $2each

Infinity: Achilles – Studio Painted Mini, Limited Edition!
30K/Horus Heresy: Pride of the 14th Legion
X-Wing: The Emerald Empire

Only 500 Tickets @ $2each

TEN (10) Single Models Donated by Renowned Miniature Artists!



Do not ever forget that the NOCF was created to represent “The Compassionate Force.” It is the mission of this non-profit to create awareness of the worldwide network of tabletop wargamers ~ among the most generous, socially conscious people on the planet. In three years, The Compassionate Force has raised over $60,000 for Doctors Without Borders, Fisher House Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation and other deserving charitable organizations.


HELP THE MISSION: Spread the word and post in your newsletter, on your blogs and websites ~  Facebook away! Together, we can make this the best fundraising year ever!


The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is proud to offer the following miniature models to the international tabletop wargaming community – the people we know as The Compassionate Force.

In 2015, we offered three outstanding models which raised over $2,000 for charity. This year, thanks to the generosity of some of the world’s most amazing miniature artists, we offer eleven more exceptional models.



Corvus Belli Studio Painted Miniature
Cropped Achilles
















Neil “Zab” Szabo
Ironstrider 2

















Games Workshop – Duncan Rhodes























John Stiening
















David Pauwels
Pauwels Carcharadon Captain 6-23















Roman Lappat















Raffaele Picca
















Raffaele Picca
















David Faust-Du Sablon

khornelord 001





















Roman Lappat















11)  ORK WARLORD (“Overfiend of Octarius”)
Sean Fulton
Ork Warlord Lightened













John Stiening














We are pleased to announce a joint project between the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) and CoolMiniOrNot (CMON) to benefit Doctors Without Borders!

Two Dark Age Forces, painted by award-winning artist DAVE TAYLOR, will be raffled online by the NOCF and drawn onsite at the CMON EXPO. The raffles will run for just 30 days, from April 8- May 8, 2016. Only 300 tickets will be sold for each force at just $5 per ticket.

Get Up Front and Personal with the Models and Read More HERE!

DAVE TAYLOR has wrangled another Consortium of the World’s Greatest Miniature Artists to create this year’s Ork Army (list coming soon). This army will face off against the NOVA Space Marine army which has been under construction by Troy Tabanelli (bolterandbow) since late 2014!

ATLANTIS GAMES & COMICS returns again this year as a Prime Sponsor of the NOCF, providing the extensive list of models required for the Ork Army (below). Located in southeastern Virginia, they pride themselves on customer service and helping you get what you need. Call them today: (757) 502-8954 or (757) 465-1617

KR MULTICASE continues to be the Top Sponsor of the NOCF, providing all the transport cases necessary to make the winners’ armies travel ready. The company has had a recent website overhaul to make shopping for your customized cases easier than ever. They have also added the Backpack4 this year which upgrades its best-selling transport, the Backpack2 – amazing!  Shop with them today and get a headstart on the best transport system in miniature wargaming!



The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is back for its biggest and best year ever!

    Orks (2016 NOCF Artist Consortium)
    NOVA Space Marines (Troy Tabanelli)
    Space Marines (Russ Nygard)
    WWII American Army (Steve McCuen)
    Horus Heresy Death Guards (Brian Ballard & Jeff Jenkins)
    Ork Warlord Exceptional Model (Sean Fulton)
    Bolt Action King Tiger (John Stiening)
    Horus Heresy Primarch Angron (John Stiening)
    40K Adeptus Mechanicus Strider (Neil Szabo)
  • AND MORE!Check back in with us HERE and follow Dave’s reports at



Three amazing miniature models have been donated to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. The first is a Corvus Belli studio painted miniature, “Maverick” (pictured here). Roman Lappat, of Massive Voodoo, donated two models from his personal collection: “Forever Young” and “Zeta.” Only 200 tickets will be sold for each model; BUY YOURS TODAY!

On August 12, 2015, the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation launched its first-ever Newsletter. To read about the NOCF, our 2015 charity armies and new collection, the Silent Auction, Foundation Lounge and more, CLICK HERE.  To receive future emails, write us: We are in our 3rd Raffle Season and our success is the result of tabletop gamers worldwide – thank to all of our supporters, The Compassionate Force!

Tickets are now on sale for the Malifaux 7 Collection!

Wyrd Games, parent company of Malifaux, donated all models for this unique raffle. Capt. Wes Cogdal, owner and lead artist of Stiff Neck Studio, worked with his studio of artists to create seven Malifaux crews for seven lucky winners in this year’s charity raffles.

As with the other raffles, winnings will be shipped worldwide (though you can take them with you from the NOVA if you attend). Drawings will be performed during the NOVA final award ceremony ON September 6. . Also as with the other raffles, KR MultiCase has generously donated a foam-included carrying case for each crew!

Read More . . . 

Tickets are now on sale for the Batalion Piechoty Polish Army.

Alongside the Blitzkrieg Supplement, the Polish Batalion Piechoty stands as a remarkably adaptable army, worthy of attention. First of note is the core; each company can comprise up to four platoons, meaning that there could be as many as 49 infantry teams in one element. At the same time, while all units are deployed, the platoons can act independently of each another.

Tickets are now on sale for the Alaitoc Eldar Army.

In addition to the Alaitoc Eldar and Sons Of Orar armies, you’ll also be able to buy tickets for a chance to win a wonderful Flanes Of War Polish army, and an absolutely massive collection of Malifaux models (all painted by Stiff Neck Studios).

Tickets are now on sale for the Sons of Orar Army.

And now, on to just one of the Tactical squads from the Sons Of Orar army, painted by Neil Szabo. We usually give our artists a bit of freedom to approach their tasks the way they see fit. This year, Neil took his task to the next level by magnetizing the gap out of this squad. Loads of options for both the sergeant and the special weapons trooper mean that the winner (could it be you?) will be able to switch up their lists depending on opponent without much effort at all.

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation launches its third fundraising season with five army raffles:

  1. Alaitoc Eldar Army (Battle for Craftworld)
  2. Sons of Orar Space Marines (Battle for Craftword)
  3. Malifaux 76-Model Multi-Faction Army
  4. Flames of War WWII Polish Army
  5. NOVA Space Marines (Fontaine/Tabanelli Project)

Pictures of these armies will be available soon. Check the WIP dropdown on our menu for sneak peaks!


The 2015 NOCF Alaitoc Eldar artists, under the direction of Brian Ballard, have completed their mission! The army came together in Baltimore, Maryland, where Dave Taylor photographed each and put together this first peak for you.

Raffle tickets for this army will go on sale July 1, 2015 at:

Each month, NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention, releases a newsletter about upcoming events associated with NOVA Open & updates on the convention itself. June’s newsletter was written by one of our newest interns, Joey Louis. Check out our newsletter below by clicking on the link:

NOVA Open June 2015 Newsletter

NOCF Website

Go there now to see updated photos and more!  Results will post tomorrow morning.  Visit TWITCH.TV and search “NOVA Open” to watch tonight’s Final Raffle Drawings (between 7:00pm and 8:00pm EST)

Special Thanks to Mike Brandt and the NOVA Open for hosting the following fundraiser. Please sign up to participate – first come/first served. Games of choice will be 40K (limited to 32 players) and Malifaux (limited to 16 players). Donations will support the NOCF and Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Mike writes, “Back in 2009, the NOVA Open got its start with a 40k tournament in a park, hosting 32 players across 4 rounds. Two years ago, we hosted another one of these in a backyard in Vienna, hosting 32 players in a more laid back 3-round setting. We’ll be bringing this BBQ fundraiser back again this year, on July 18, and adding Malifaux.  So, clear your calendars! The event will be hosted in McLean, VA.

Grilled dogs and burgers/chips/tasty beverages sold to further support event. Cover will be planned and provided in case of rain. For an idea of what to expect, check out coverage of the last one by Bob Roda, who drove down from CT to attend: Blood, Skulls and Fire!

To secure your spot in the games: Choose which event you’d like to participate in HERE

The NOCF ran into several delays launching its new website, so we’re going with what we have – and what you’re familiar with.  The above slider, our artist drop down menu, and our Works In Progress 2015 page have been updated with all of our amazing 2015 NOCF Artists. Our 2015 army page is currently under construction.