2017 SPECIAL: Wrath of Kings: Goritsi Werewolf Specialists


A CoolMiniOrNot Special:
Full Starter Set

Painted by Neil Szabo ( http://almostperftec.blogspot.com )
and Greg Zuniga 

Wrath of Kings is a fantasy skirmish miniatures game where players take command of the armies from one of the five kingdoms of Arikania, as they vie for the throne of the Ancient King!  Neil Szabo and Greg Zuniga, two exceptional miniatures artists, painted up four of the wonderful Werewolf Specialists from the popular House Goritsi faction. The models brought to life by Neil and Greg are Goral the Rampager, Pack Master Kozakar, a brutal Shieldbreaker, and the swift Scourge Hound!  More information HERE and HERE!


Raffle will run for 30 days:  April 17 – May 14, 2017 (3:00pm EST)
Winner will be drawn at CMON EXPO in Atlanta, GA
Need not be present to win – but, if you can make it, support the Con!
Will ship anywhere in the world with delivery address
Only 500 Tickets will be sold ~ great odds
Buy two tickets and increase your chances
$5 per ticket
$10 minimum for cart checkout