2017 ARMY: WH 30K Army: Sons of Horus


A WH 30K Charity Army: Sons of Horus – Speartip of the Warmaster

The Horus Heresy (AKA Warhammer 30K) has really been gaining a lot of momentum over the last few years, so we decided it was high time we put some of the Artist Consortium on painting up some beautiful (and impactful) Horus Heresy-era armies.

This year, proceeds will benefit International Rescue Committee.

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Army arrives in fully customized transport case donated by KR MULTICASE, with custom acrylic templates from TNT LASER WORKS.

This Sons of Horus army is made from a mix of Forgeworld resin models and GW plastic models. 2000 Point Base WH 30K Army, with a lot of flexibility up and down: Sons of Horus