Dave Taylor, Board of Directors & NOCF Head Artist since 2015

“In 2010, I was invited by the guys from the Santa Cruz Warhammer blog to participate in their charity army build (The Storm Wardens), and again in 2011 for the Heroes of Armageddon build. Seeing the excitement that grows around each event is wonderful, knowing that so many gamers are digging into their own pockets to help others around the globe. After jumping in to help out at the last minute on the NOCF build for 2013, I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m hooked again! ”  Dave not only saved the 2013 army build, but ran the artists in both 2014 Macragge armies.

Dave Taylor – Board of Directors & NOCF Head Artist

Wes Cogdal (Stiff Neck Studio) – Donating Armies since 2013!

““The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is doing a wonderful job bringing gaming enthusiast together to support charitable causes and have a great time. I am proud to be supporting the gaming community and such a notable cause. In addition to running Stiff Neck Studio, I have served as a soldier in the U.S. Army for 12 years and been in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  I decided to support Fisher House through the charitable army raffle because it helps wounded soldiers and their families. Warhammer is a very popular game amongst the military community and I am proud to support my fellow soldiers in a hobby that builds long lasting relationships. Redemption of the Fallen Necron army in 2013 and Maneaters of the Great Maw in 2014 raised thousands of dollars for Fisher House Foundation, thanks to Wes Cogdal.  He has also provided Forge World models for onsite raffles at the NOVA Open since 2012.

Wes Cogdal, Stiffneck Studio CEO – Donated Armies since 2013

Brian Ballard, 2015 Lead Artist & NOCF Artist Consortium since 2014

“In 2013, I shared a beer or two with Mike Brandt and one of the organizers of the NOVA Narrative and just loved that the staff put that little bit (scratch that) LOT o’bit of extra love into running the tournament. I wanted to be a part of it. On the last day of my first NOVA Open, the charity army raffle caught my eye, and since painting is how I find my happy place, I thought that it would be a wonderfully heartfelt way to give time to help others.”  Brian painted for the 2014 Macragge armies.

Brian Ballard – 2015 Altoic Eldar Lead Artist

John Stiening, 2015 Lead Artist & NOCF Artist Consortium since 2013

“I worked on the dark angel Redemption of the Fallen project last year and remember being impressed by the free-handing that was done by Dan Withers on the Rhinos. The level of artistic talent coming together in support of these charities is amazing.  I am super excited to be helping the Foundation with the Macragge Ultramarine army, and am looking forward to creating and painting the Imperial Knight.” John’s work has been amazing and the NOCF is fortunate this year to have him in the Lead position of the 2015 Sons or Orar Space Marine artists.

John Steining – 2015 Lead Artist & NOCF Artist Consortium since 2013

Justin McCoy, Sponsor & NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

Owner and operator of SecretWeaponMiniatures.com, Justin’s products and presence have been at conventions and in prize packages across the country since the company began in 2009.  In particular, he has been a dedicated and tireless sponsor of the NOVA Open and the NOCF. In 2014, Justin added a new line to his involvement with NOCF by painting Marneus Calgar and his Honor Guard for the Macragge project; in 2015, he is back on Space Marines – this time delivering two Predators for Craftworld.

Justin McCoy, Sponsor & NOCF Artist Consortium Since 201

Dan Withers, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2013

“It’s great to help give a little something back. I spent 12 years in the army, three in the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment, and nine with the British Parachute Regiment. In 2000, I deployed to Sierra Leone in West Africa on an emergency operation during the height of the rebellion…the period of “blood diamonds.”  I have respect for Doctors Without Borders…whose aid workers courageously went out every day to help treat people. I decided to get involved in the event because its not something that i have seen a lot of outside the U.S. I think the charity idea is great and worthwhile.  From a personal point of view also, I get to collaborate with some fantastic artists.” Dan has worked every year to fundraise through NOCF for Doctors Without Borders.

Dan Withers, Owner of Valhalla Games – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2013

Chris Dubuque, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2013

” I approach every army, and every model I paint as a work of art and I take great pride in my armies when I display them at conventions. I am once again honored to be part of a crew of like minded artists working together to create for you an epic army.” Watch for WIPs on Chris’ Eldar and Space Marine contributions in 2015!

Chris Dubuque – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2013

Steve McCuen, 2014 CGR Painting Artist

“Eric Fontaine put out a call toward the beginning of 2014 with a Bartertown.com forum post asking for volunteer painters to help a good cause.  The request caught my eye as CGR Painters has done some sponsoring of Flames of War tournaments in the past and the internal voice went off that this should be pursued further. Painting the Panzer Lehr army would allow us to give back to the ones who sacrifice so much providing protection for the country and allow us the freedom to enjoy miniatures and games on a daily basis. It has been a smooth process communicating with Eric and working out the details for army painting; it has been a fun time and we are happy to support the NOCF, the charities they support and, in particular, Wounded Warrior Project.

Steve McCuen CGR Painters, 2014 Volunteer Artist

William Thornton, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

“I’ve known about NOVA open for a few years but wasn’t sure what it was. This year while working on my event schedule I did a little research into the event and the foundation and really love what they’re doing. The community has given me so much over the years and I love being able to give something back and NOVA is one of the many ways I can. I also plan to help with Battle for Hope and Clash for a Cure this year, both in Texas.” William returns to the 2015 charity army raffles supporting the Altoic Eldar army.

William Thornton – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

Ken Webb, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

“I found out about the event by following skilled artists on Facebook.  I have always wanted to be a part of a charity army and to be a part of a team of talented folks is an honor.  Plus, it’s an exciting challenge for me!” Ken’s contributions in 2014 were stellar; the NOCF is glad to have him return in support of the Altoic Eldar army.

Ken Webb – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

Neil Szabo, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

“I saw the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation army projects last year featured on several blogs out there and when the opportunity came up to help out this year, I pounced!  I love the idea that we can help out a great cause with our talent and time and not just our wallets. There is something about sharing your passion and helping others at the same time that I think really showcases the spirit of this amazing community.” Neil’s contributions to the Macragge Space Marines were outstanding; the NOCF is happy to have him return this year where he is supporting both Eldars and Sons of Orar.

Neil Szabo – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

Marc Raley, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

“I was happy to lend a hand with the Mcragge Charity army when Dave Taylor asked if I could paint a few models. I’ve chipped in with a couple of charity armies in the past and it was fun to be a part of a big project with lots of other painters. Plus, yeah charity!” People will remember the two Thunderfire Cannons Marc brought to the Macragge Ultramarine army; this year, Marc is focused on Wraithknight!

Marc Raley – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

Sean Fulton, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

“I was introduced to NOVA (and by extension) NOCF by Mike “Shades” Schaefer via one of the online forums. I had been looking at a means to do some charity work through my hobby. I have painted a number of pieces as gifts or small Ebay fundraisers, but when I discovered the incredible charity work that was being down through the armies that were being painted and sold, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and help out.”  Hard to forget Venomthrope, Sean’s contribution to Macragge in 2014; look for more of the same this year as he takes on Chapter Master.

Sean Fulton – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2014

Max Dubois, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2015

Max Dubois is a hobby enthusiast from Quebec, Canada, who strives to find the perfect balance between awesomely painted armies, competitive play, and drinking heavily. Joining the NOCF in 2015, he will be painting jetbikes for the Eldar army

Max Dubois – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2015

Joe Johnson, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2015

Joe says he considers it “an honor to be included on the NOCF team this year” and recognizes that it is also a challenge as the paint style is a weathered dirty look!  He claims to have a lot to learn, but swears he is up for the challenge. Joe will be working on Assault Marines for the Sons of Orar.

Joe Johnson – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2015

Kelvin Goh, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2015

Kelvin joins the NOCF in 2015, after seeing a post on CoolMiniOrNot by another well known NOCF artist, Neil “Zab” Szabo. Kelvin lives in Sydney, Australia, a short stop for a single 2-year contract . . . 10 years ago!  He loves where he is and has no plans to leave any time soon.

Kelvin Goh – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2015

A.J. Taflan, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2015

A.J. is honored to be standing alongside such esteemed artists. He said, “It is a really humbling experience and it’s for an amazing cause. I have always wanted to use my talents to help others and this is just the thing.”  He hopes to continue to connect with artists around the world and looks forward to helping for years to come!  He currently reside in the beautiful state of Montana.

A.J. Taflan – NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2015

Troy Tabanelli, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016

“This is my second time donating to the NOCF, this time with an online army raffle. I would love to do it again! The fact that these crazy fun games can bring both joy to people playing and painting them, while raising money for organizations that help people is – for lack of better words – just awesome! This fact is the main reason I wanted to be apart of the NOCF. I’m very happy knowing that someone will win an army of models that I have painted, and that the proceeds will go to those in need. It really is a very fulfilling process for me.”

Troy Tabanelli, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016

Rich Erickson, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016

“In my early teens, I came across these fun, little toxic lead figures called “space marines” in a small comic store. I wasn’t very good, but I painted diligently while listening to the likes of Def Leopard. It was the 80’s after all. And there wasn’t much else to do in those cold Buffalo winters.  I enjoyed entering in the local model shows when i could. While at college I put painting toy soldiers aside. Then I got involved in automotive refinishing and custom bike airbrushing. My interest in painting was rekindled after happening upon a games workshop store. Since then I’ve managed to place in several golden demon and crystal brush competitions. Now I hope to expand into the realm sculpting.”

Rich Erickson, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016

Michelle Blastenbrei, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016

“I am a competition painter, freelance artist and instructor. My clients include private commissions and MegaCon Games (Mercs and Myth). Competition awards include a bronze Crystal Brush and several gold awards from ReaperCon. Prior to my miniature addiction, I have always been interested in an eclectic variety of creative pursuits, but always with my own quirky twist. I do what I can to carry that into my miniature works.”

Michelle Blastenbrei, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016

Greg Hess, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016

“Though new at the miniature scene, I think I’m a pretty quick learner – and it’s awesome to try and bring new techniques and lessons to the table.You can usually find me at some of the larger tournaments with my trusty monopod (It’s not a selfie stick I swear!) taking photos for everyone who can’t attend.”

Greg Hess, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016

Joel Moon, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016

“I’ve had the great fortune to meet a number of giants 40k world and am honored to have been asked to help paint up some of Da Boyz for the 2016 charity Ork army! It’s fantastic to work on some Orks again after “Paintin’ nuffin’ but weedy ‘umie gits fer so long!”

Joel Moon, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016