“Let me take you back to the summer of ‘94, in the north east of England. At 14 years old I was 6’2”, 210 lbs and had a hairy chest. My rugby team called me “The Animal”. One day at school some kid I hardly knew pointed at me and said “…and he would DEFINITELY be a Space Wolf”. I just had to find out what the hell he was talking about. That kid introduced me to 2nd edition 40k, and became my best friend. I did indeed start collecting my first Space Wolves army. Since then I’ve mostly stuck to 40k, though I’ve had periodic flings with Necromunda, Epic, and X-Wing. I don’t really enter painting competitions, but I do always try to make my armies look as good as possible. My painting really started to improve when I started hanging out with AdeptiCon Hobby Czar Damon Drescher after I moved to LA. He mentored me and introduced me to some amazing painters with whom I’m now close friends. Right now I’m almost completely focused on the Horus Heresy, collecting a classic post-Isstvan Shattered Legions force (Iron Hands, Salamanders, and Raven Guard).”

“I could say I paint for NOCF because it’s for such a great cause, but that’s why we all do it. I mainly agreed to help because two guys I really respect (Dave Taylor and Marc Raley) asked me to!”

Instagram: @IsstvanSurvivor
Twitter: @IsstvanSurvivor

Hailing from Thailand, Thor now lives in Los Angeles, California. He’s been building models for 26 years, mostly tanks, figures and dioramas. Thor has been interested in painting miniature wargames since 2012 after a friend gave him some minis from Warhammer 40,000 as a gift for practicing painting with acrylic paints.
He found that painting wargame miniatures was quite different from painting military or historical figures, however it gave him more freedom in painting. Thor has been in love with painting wargame miniatures ever since.

“I got involved with NOCF after I saw Sean Fulton post about them last year, I was so impressed with the things NOCF has done. I have never thought that painting miniatures can be used for helping people, this idea really got me. I asked Sean for more info and how I can participate with them. Thanks a lot to him for his help, I am so glad to be a part of this charity effort.”

You can see more of Thor’s work here:

Thor’s Facebook Page
Thor’s Modeling BlogSpot



Joshua ‘Josh’ Dunkerly is a 20 year plus hobbyist and painter who enjoys all types of tabletop gaming from Warhammer to Risk. He takes commissions at Dark Matter Designs on facebook and considers his style of painting to be Games Workshop style, meaning he likes to paint models like the heavy metal teams style. Josh really enjoys the more vibrant colors and use of edging and tries to emulate it in every thing he paints. He was invited to do the NOCF and decided it would be a good time both to paint and be able to donate models to a great organization.

Check out his work on the Dark Matter Designs facebook page here.

I’m a 70’s baby and come from a time where you had to get lucky to find things like miniature wargaming. My luck came in the form of 3 other kids on my block that liked to throw dice and blow things up. Started with D&D, Starfleet Battles, Battletech and just grew from there. By finding a good balance with other hobbies in my life, miniatures have been able to follow me well into my 40’s and remain a growing passion as well as a daily job.

I paint every day and present my techniques in the form of live tutorials over on Twitch.tv/slowfusegaming to an awesome community of folks of all ages. My goal is to continue to not only give painters more information to grow their skills, but to also introduce new people to our great world every chance I get.

I came to the Nova Foundation through Dave Taylor, whom I’ve known since the early 2000’s when I worked at Games Workshop with him. The energy surrounding the Foundation is just great and the opportunity to help out couldn’t be passed up. Thanks for having me!

My works and bad comedy can always be found over on twitch.tv/slowfusegaming as well as facebook.com/slowfusegamingsales

“When given the chance to support it wasn’t a matter of if we would it was how much we could.
It’s a great feeling being able to do what you love while helping others.”

John has been painting miniatures for 3 years, and mostly painting for himself, friends, local gamers and occasionally selling some of his work on ebay. He recently started taking commission work.

For the NOCF 2017 40K Sicarian Tank, John spent 25+ hours working on this project between prep, assembly, paint, weathering, transfers and final touches. In his words:

“I had a great time while working on this as I knew it would make a great addition to someone’s army while benefiting the charity.”


You can find more of John’s work on his facebook page: Wicked G Studios.

James Craig has been friends with NOCF`s Dave Taylor for well over a decade and was more than happy to answer the call to charitable action! He is a long-time member of the North American miniature painting community, has been featured in a number of hobby magazines and was a judge for the 2017 Crystal Brush competition. He has competed throughout North America and his laurels include a Privateer P3 Grand Masters award, a Forge World Best in Show and more than a dozen Golden Demons amongst others. As a visual arts teacher, he’s adept at giving objective and constructive criticism; as an artist and hobbyist, he has a deep appreciation of minis ranging from tabletop armies to museum collectibles. James, a native Ontarian, currently blogs at Lost in the Warp.

From a childhood love of Legos and anything that had to do with medieval knights, Alan first started (badly) painting miniatures in 1993 with the HeroQuest board game. After not picking up a brush for the next several years, he rediscovered the hobby in 1998 when he bought some Warhammer Fantasy models to create a chess set. But after demoing a game of WFB, he went “all in” and never looked back. His favorite part of painting is the challenge of learning new things and the “meditative” state it puts him in. When Alan is painting, the rest of the world disappears.

“I’m always searching for ways to project a positive message… to make a positive impact on the world through my artwork. So when a friend told me about the good work of the Nova Open Charitable Foundation it seemed like a natural fit. I’m excited to contribute for the first year and I’m already planning to continue to support the NOCF in the future.”

Matt DiPietro is one of the most prolific miniature painters working today. He started tabletop gaming as a young teen adventuring in the dank dungeons of the Hero’s Quest board game. Over the years that followed many great adventures were had but the biggest adventure was yet to come! In his early twenties Matt had the great opportunity to launch his career in miniatures when he landed a job at a small start up company called: Privateer Press. Over the next decade he shaped the painting of both Warmachine and Hordes as the lead studio miniature artist. These days he makes his living teaching the next generation of miniature artisans, and creating miniature art for private collectors under the banner of Contrast Miniatures.
As an award winning painter, sculptor, and industry professional Matt can speak about all aspects of our hobby. Recently, he has developed an unique “Sketch Style” designed specifically for gamers who want to create highly expressive miniatures in a fraction of the time. By teaching this style he hopes to help painters of all skill levels take their painting to places they never thought possible!

Check out his “Sketch Style” gaming miniatures!
Check out his gallery of Fine Miniature Art!
Follow his work on Facebook: Contrast Miniatures!
He’s also on Intagram! @mattdipiertoart

Guillaume is a miniature & hobby enthusiast from la Belle Province. He runs a small-time commission painting service as Yaum La Machine and dab in competition painting when he has the time.

He is always on the lookout for ways to encourage other artists, which is why you’ll find Guillaume involved in the organization of such events like Chaosludik (Quebec’s largest tabletop wargaming convention), and Figurines Quebec (the province’s premier painting competition). He is also a co-host on Geeks of the North, a tabletop gaming and hobby focused podcast.

Guillaume had the honor to join the NOCF in 2017 by blackmailing James K. Craig who wished to use his paint scheme for the Cygnar army raffle. He regrets NOTHING!


Follow Guillaume’s WORKS in PROGRESS on his facebook page.

Physical therapist by day, super villain by night, miniature painter whenever he gets the chance.

Greg hails from New Jersey but requests this not be held against him. He got started in miniature painting in 2002 as a way to geek out and de-stress from college classes. He got into army painting and competition painting in 2006 after his first Gencon Socal. Since then, he volunteered his time and talents at numerous shows. He has become a main stay teacher at the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society Hobby University ™.

Check out his blog: Wicked Elf Miniatures

Roman is best known for his classes and blog, Massive Voodoo.  He also co-authored the miniature artbook, “Figure Art.” This internationally recognized German artist is also renowned by many in the hobby for the amazing diorama he created for Slayer Sword in 2013 (VIDEO).

Roman shared some thoughts with us:  “My hobby of Miniature Painting became my full-time day job in 2009. Since then, I am following my path of passion, painting mainly display pieces for collectors and teaching miniature painting classes all over the globe.  I have taken part in many top tier miniature art competitions all over Europe, proudly winning an assortment of medals, including a few “Best of Shows.”  I have also been invited to participate on judging teams for several worldwide events, including the NOVA Open’s Capital Palette.

“The fuel for my passion to still enjoy this as a daily job is the great numbers of wonderful people I meet during my journeys and the joy of happy painting I find when sitting at my workbench. When I was asked if I would like to paint for the cause of the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, I did not need a second thought. What is better than to paint and fundraise for a charity like Doctors Without Borders?!”

Roman will be judging the Capital Palette again in 2017, his third year in a row. His classes are often the first to sell out.

Follow Roman’s work at: MASSIVE VOODOO!


“I am a competition painter, freelance artist and instructor. My clients include private commissions and MegaCon Games (Mercs and Myth). Competition awards include a bronze Crystal Brush and several gold awards from ReaperCon. Prior to my miniature addiction, I have always been interested in an eclectic variety of creative pursuits, but always with my own quirky twist. I do what I can to carry that into my miniature works.”


Follow Michelle’s WORKS at:  MINI PAINTER INK


While I group up playing Tactics II with my Dad, I got into 40k in high school, nearly 20 years ago, when Jeff Jenkins (fellow NOCF painter) took me to Games Workshop and introduced me to the hobby. I bought a box of Khorne Berzerkers and never looked back. I love the tactics and love playing it with an army worthy of all the fluff that the game brings to bear – to me that means an amazing paint job. I used to paint my friends’ armies in order to get them to play with more than just base coating.

I love Eldar due to how vibrant they are and I’m so glad they have a new codex and a model refresh. My current work of passion/pain is Imperial Fists. Yellow is so difficult for me but offers a really rewarding challenge when done right.

I’m having better luck at modeling my fun ideas – two years ago I took ‘Best Modeled Stratagem’ at Adepticon for my Skyfire piece. It broke my heart to miss last year’s Adepticon, but my wife had a baby girl then so there is no better reason to miss the event.


Follow Brian’s WORKS in PROGRESS at: Proimperator


“In my early teens, I came across these fun, little toxic lead figures called “space marines” in a small comic store. I wasn’t very good, but I painted diligently while listening to the likes of Def Leopard. It was the 80’s after all. And there wasn’t much else to do in those cold Buffalo winters.  I enjoyed entering in the local model shows when i could. While at college I put painting toy soldiers aside. Then I got involved in automotive refinishing and custom bike airbrushing. My interest in painting was rekindled after happening upon a games workshop store. Since then I’ve managed to place in several golden demon and crystal brush competitions. Now I hope to expand into the realm sculpting.”


Greg, better known as Greggles, is an internet commenter extraordinaire. He runs Greggles-tabletop over at Feedyournerd, and has a background in graphic and furniture design. Greg has taken part in studio work for about a decade while trying to build furniture for rich people.

Though new at the miniature scene, he learns fast, and is always trying out new techniques and take lessons. You can usually find him at some of the larger tournaments with his trusty monopod (It’s not a selfie stick I swear!) taking photos for everyone who can’t attend.

Follow Greg’s WORKS in PROGRESS at: http://www.feedyournerd.com/greggles-tabletop


“I am a competition painter, freelance artist and instructor. My clients include private commissions and MegaCon Games (Mercs and Myth). Competition awards include a bronze Crystal Brush and several gold awards from ReaperCon. Prior to my miniature addiction, I have always been interested in an eclectic variety of creative pursuits, but always with my own quirky twist. I do what I can to carry that into my miniature works.”

Michelle Blastenbrei, NOCF Artist Consortium Since 2016

I first started painting and gaming in 2000 when my friends introduced me to Warhammer Fantasy. My main focus is 40K, but I still paint a fantasy model here or there. I really got serious about painting when I moved to Denver in 2009. I was surrounded by so many great painters and it really inspired me to take my painting to the next level. Ken Webb was one of those Denver painters that pushed me. Thanks to Ken, I am helping with this great charity as he put my name forward as someone who could help! I am honored to be standing alongside such esteemed artists. It is a really humbling experience and it’s for an amazing cause. I have always wanted to use my talents to help others and this is just the thing. I hope to continue to connect with artists around the world and look forward to helping for years to come! I currently reside in the beautiful state of Montana.

You can follow my work at: https://www.facebook.com/vigilanteminiatures

A native of Georgia, with a brief stint in upstate NY, I have been involved in the tabletop gaming community since around 2002. Initially it was supposed to stay small but as I look in my garage…well I failed at keeping it small. In 2003 I got the painting bug while attending Adepticon and have not looked back. Since that time I have traveled all over the country to play in tournaments and paint contests winning many trophies. I have won best painted more times than I can count with a wall and cabinet of trophies including Battle for Salvation, NOVA, ATC, The WAUGH, and a few GW GT’s. I even have a few Golden Demons collecting dust but still need to work on getting that Crystal Brush to match Jawa (heh). I have made a lot of friends and have grown to really love this community especially on the painting aspect side. I have known Dave since his GW days and had the opportunity to paint the Death Company in their Heroes of Armageddon army a few years back. Jawa and I have had a friendly rivalry with painting for a few years now but regrettably I don’t run into him in the South Eastern tournament events. Most people know me for my clean paint style and my “Skittle” Salamanders army. It’s an honor to be included on the team this year.

It is a challenge as the paint style is a weathered, dirty look, so I have a lot to learn, but I am up for the challenge.

Max Dubois is a hobby enthusiast from Quebec, Canada.

Better known as ‘The French Douchebag’ in the tournament scene, Max strives to find the perfect balance between awesomely painted armies, competitive play, and drinking heavily, all of which you can read about on his blog hellfirepainting.blogspot.com.

Never one to slow down, Max owns his own game store, La Boutique Hellfire and has published quite a few books on Amazon Kindle that you can check out at amazon.com/author/maxdubois.

There is hardly anything he likes more than talking about himself in the 3rd person, and is always ready to join hobby initiatives like the Nova Open Charitable Foundation, which he joined for the sole purpose of picking up trendy chicks at Starbucks.

Steve got his start doing oil paintings on canvas, but then got distracted with computers and didn’t paint anything for years.  Then came Savage Worlds RPG; he started playing and painted a couple characters for the group. But it wasn’t until he was in a local game store and noticed a Flames of War display stand that his passion was really ignited. After browsing the books and blister packs, a light went off and he was off and running that very evening.

At the NHMGS Enfilade Convention in 2011, Steve entered the Flames of War tournament and won best painted army. He began to think maybe there was something to this after all.  What started out as 15mm WW2 miniatures has now branched into all genres and scales, including terrain making.  At the NHMGS Enfilade Convention 2017, he won Best of Theme with painted DUKW vehicles and crew. Whether it be historical, science fiction, fantasy, steampunk – you name it – Steve is honored to paint for you. Now and then, you might even find him making time to paint his own miniatures!

Steve owns Taran Design Studio, a painting and terrain studio that keeps him busy. He also does contract work for CGR Painters.

Contact Steve:
Website Information: tarandesignstudio.com
Commission Work:  tarandesignstudio@gmail.com
Artist Contact:  tarandesignstudio@gmail.com

Many thanks to Celso Mendez (aka “Celsork”) for joining the Macragge Ultramarine Team in 2014, adding another layer of “amazing” to the project. Learn more about Celsork in his own words:

” I started in the hobby in 2000, when a good friend of mine invited me to our local game store to check out this awesome game called Warhammer 40k. After one look, I was hooked – and I have been gaming and painting since then. I own several armies; Black Templars were my first, followed by Orks, CSM, Eldar, Fantasy Ogres, and I just recently started a new Horus Heresy Sons of Horus army. In 2009, I joined the 40k radio freebootas forum, where I picked up the name “Celsork.”  It is the name I use on my hobby stuff.

I’m from México, Monterrey, and a Tax lawyer by profession.  In my free time, I enjoy painting, reading, playing board games, and watch TV and movies. I learned about the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation through Facebook and Bell of Lost Souls, and I am a big fan of the Foundation’s projects.”

Follow Celso’s WORKS in PROGRESS at:  Twitter: @Celsork / http://celsork.blogspot.mx/ You can also follow Celsork on FB: https://www.facebook.com/cmendezj 

Ken Webb knocked on our door and offered to help – and we said, “Absolutely!” Enjoy meeting this artist, in his own words:

“In college, I saw a friend’s set of Orks and Imperial Guard and asked why a grown man would be painting little plastic things and who needed that many six sided dice? Not knowing what this “40,000 Warhammers” thing was, I went out and acquired a copy of Dawn of War, and as many relate, the rest is history. I began wargaming seriously in 2010 and started taking painting seriously in 2011. Since then, I try to not only create great looking models, but have fun while doing it and enjoy the tongue in cheek nature the setting. I did go through the artists on the site [before reaching out to NOCF] . . . wow, that is one huge list of guys that are above and beyond! I am humbled to be a part of this great charity opportunity around peers of such amazing talent and skill. I have a small handful of awards, but look to keep creating and keep competing. And making smiles with some of my nuttier work, such as the Kaldor Dayglow army. I currently reside in California, but have lived across the country working with the Air Force. Looking forward to getting the ball rolling.”

Follow Ken’s WORKS in PROGRESS at: DakkaDakka Galleryhttp://www.dakkadakka.com/core/gallery-user.jsp?u=53985

Marc Raley joined the Macragge Consortium in 2015 as the army scores another top notch artist for the project. Marc, who resides in Maryland, shares a bit of background on his love of the hobby:

“I’ve been painting miniatures since the late 80s when I first saw some blister packs Citadel miniatures in my local hobby shop. I’ve dabbled in all sorts of models and games since then and I enjoy painting both armies and single miniatures. I’m probably 90% hobbyist and 10% gamer but getting ready for campaigns and tournaments provides me with the motivation I need to paint! My most recent project is a pre-heresy Alpha Legion army that I have been having a heck of a lot of fun with. I work in the film industry and live with wife and daughter in Baltimore, MD.

Follow Marc’s WORKS in PROGRESS at: http://marcraleyminiatures.blogspot.com/

Justin “misterjustin” McCoy is a renowned member of the tabletop wargaming community in so many ways, it is hard to keep track: he has earned the respect and admiration of the tabletop wargaming community for the generous advice and magnanimous encouragement he gives to anyone looking for a way to bring the community closer together.


Owner and operator of SecretWeaponMiniatures.com, his products and presence have been sponsoring conventions and prize packages across the country since the company began in 2009.  In particular, he has been a dedicated and tireless sponsor of the NOVA Open and the NOCF since inception. Justin is also a popular hobby seminar instructor who has been teaching classes like Airbrushing Minis, Weathering and Using Pigments, and Masterclass Painting for years.  The NOVA Open seminars he will be leading can be found HERE. A number of instructional videos can also be found on his website; a master class in using crushed glass to create snow is of particular note because Secret Weapon Miniatures donated this product to the Macragge artists, together with bases for all models! Not able to rest on all those laurels, he also successfully funded the first four themes of his Tablescapes Tiles ™ modular gaming boards on Kickstarter in 2013, complete with matching bases and terrain, to give the community a fully themed army, literally from the ground up.

“MisterJustin” is also an exceptional miniature artist in his own right, with several awards decorating his sleves.  He has also served as a judge – and, in fact, Chief Judge at the 
Capital Palette – of miniature art competitions for years. He joins the Artist Consortium from California.

Follow Justin’s WORKS in PROGRESS at
:  Justin McCoy Facebook

For Battle for the Craftworld:  
Justin will be painting both Predators for the Sons of Orar Space Marines.

The NOCF was introduced to Sean Fulton several years ago by one of the NOVA Open’s former staff members – Mike Schaefer. Sean has a very real interest in the hobby, and in giving back to the community as demonstrated by his work on each of the NOVA Open projects over the past 3 years.  We’re glad to have him on board once again this year with the Sons of Horus!  We asked him to share a little about himself with us:

“I am a lifelong Kansas resident.  Like many of us, I was introduced to miniatures playing D&D growing up as a teen in the 80’s.  Once high school was finished, life got busy and time slipped by without any painting at all. In 2000, I was done with my studies, had found a job and had a couple children.  I was going through some old things and found those old gaming miniatures painted so long ago.  I took the brush back up and with the help of the internet, reconnected with the hobby. These days, I am much more a painter rather than a gamer. I have been fortunate to win and place in a few online competitions and was named Best in Show at Wyrd’s Halloween contest one year and was runner up Best in Show at ReaperCon one year, as well as winning a couple of Golden Sophies from Reaper. I’d like to say I have some interests outside of the miniature world, but I’d be hedging quite a bit…”

Follow Sean’s WORKS in PROGRESS at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jabberwocky-Miniatures/188327428038989.  You can also enjoy his Cool Mini Or Not portfolio at http://www.coolminiornot.com/artist/Jabberwocky?browseid=8746932.

Jeff Jenkins is yet another acclaimed miniature paint artist who joined the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Artist Consortium in 2014.  He and Brian Ballard, admittedly, joined as a team – it was a great two-fer for the Foundation and for the Macragge Project!

Currently living in Maryland, Jeff shared some history of his path into miniature art:

“I started on my path through this hobby over twenty years ago when I strolled into one of the few Games Workshops in the United States at the time and picked up my copy of Rogue Trader and my very first RTB01 box of Space Marines.  I’m an avid gamer, but have always gravitated most towards the hobby aspects of the wargaming spectrum.  As much as I love to play, I’ll always favor fluff over function, as is evidenced by my usual performance at tournaments.  Warhammer is one of the few activities I engage in where I can truly say I don’t care about winning.  For me, a cinematic battle that ends in the utter destruction of my forces is just as entertaining as trouncing my opponent.

I currently maintain Dark Angels/Angels of Absolution, Grey Knights, Red Scorpions, and Ulthwe Eldar armies.  In addition, I’m working on a pre-heresy Emperor’s Children army once I finish up my Red Scorpions.  I’m also spreading my wings a bit beyond the GW world and exploring Malifaux, Infinity, and Dropzone Commander.

I’m a software engineer by trade, although I spent a couple of years working for Games Workshop in one of their retail stores, and have since co-founded a software company with one of the other painters working on this year’s armies (Brian Ballard).”

Follow Jeff’s WORKS in PROGRESS at:  His online alter ego is “RogueShader.”  Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/rogueshader,  His website is under development at the moment; check back now and then:  http://www.rogueshader.com/.  You can also find him using the rogueshader handle on Twitter and Tumblr.

I’m Joel Moon, hailing from sunny Colorado. I’ve been in the miniatures hobby scene since the late 1980’s when I first got my hands on the Rogue Trader rulebook!  I’ve been eyebrow-deep in the 40k universe ever since.

For the last several years I’ve essentially dedicated myself to the Horus Heresy, and I’m in the midst of assembling and painting the Thousand Sons army I’ll be bringing to the NOVA Open 2016. Through my blog, I’ve had the great fortune to meet a number of giants in the 40k world and am honored to have been asked to help paint up some of Da Boyz for the 2016 charity Ork army! It’s fantastic to work on some Orks again after “Paintin’ nuffin’ but weedy ‘umie gits fer so long!”


Follow Joel’s WORKS in PROGRESS at: mordian7th.blogspot.com


The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation welcomed Neil to its Artist Consortium back in 2015. That year, he wasted no time in generously volunteering to take on the Ultramarine army’s Sgt. Telion and all of his scouts. We asked Neil, who currently resides in Ontario Canada, to share a little about himself:

“I have enjoyed being part of the contributing artists for about 4 or 5 years now. Although I have less time than ever, I really enjoy contributing in whatever way I can. It’s a great group to be a part of! There’s just something I really like about using my hobby skills to help others and I’l always happy that the models I paint find a good home where they are well used because for me, the fun is all in the painting but I always feel sad I don’t have time to play with them. So it’s very exciting setting your creations free, to go into the world to be seen and enjoyed.”

Follow Neil’s WORKS in PROGRESS at: http://almostperftec.blogspot.ca/

Wes 2

Capt. Wesley Cogdal is a U.S. Army helicopter pilot currently deployed in Okinawa.  In the NOCF’s founding year, 2013, Wes contributed a Stiff Neck Studio painted Necron army to the charity raffles which raised nearly $3000 for The Fisher House Foundation, a non-profit best known for its network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while loved ones receive treatment.  Wes and SNS are synonymous as he is personally involved in the contributions as both artist and owner of SNS.  He returns in 2015 with a legendary donation:  SNS will be creating a full 76-unit Malifaux army for the raffle in support of the Fisher House Foundation, one that’s fully adaptable to any faction of the player’s choosing.   Continue reading Wes Cogdal (Stiff Neck Studio)

You know him as “Jawaballs” or about him from reading his blog, The Blood Angels.  Now meet him as the miniature artist and businessman he is. Chris was a featured artist in the 2013 Redemption of the Fallen Dark Angel army and in 2014 in the Macragge Project, 2015 in the Battle for the Craftworld.  

Chris lives in Trumbull, CT. He is well known for his videos on Youtube and The Blood Angels where he discusses all facets of painting and playing 40k, surviving zombies, and life in general. He recently finished a Kickstarter project, successfully launching his series of painting DVDs, The Jawaballs Way.  A little more in the artist’s own words:

“This is my fourth year participating in a charity army build, having proudly taken part in the Storm Wardens project, Heroes of Armageddon, last year’s NOCF Dark Angels build and this year’s Macragge  Ultramarine Army.  It is a rewarding pleasure to be part of this force for good.  One of my prized memories is having the privilege of being present when the first winner got to open the Storm Warden Army box, an army organized by the hard working crew at Santa Cruz. I have been painting models since the fall of 2006 when my friend Fritz introduced me to his Eldar army. Over all that time, I have humbly had the opportunity to inspire thousands of others through my work. As an art teacher, there is no greater reward. All I can say is thank you to every one who has followed me over the years. You are the reason why I do this and your kindness cannot be measured.”

His painting competition credentials are many.  He has won more “best painted” awards “than he can count.”  His most notable such wins were at GTs like Mechanicon, Battle for Salvation, and The Conflict GT.  More recently he won “Best Single Mini” at the 2011 NOVA Open with his Nonmetallic The Sanguinor, and he owns a Crystal Brush for “Best Sci-Fi” from Templecon the same year. 

Follow Chris’s WORKS in PROGRESS at:  The Blood Angels