2018 Armies & Models

2018 INFINITY ARMY: Yu Jing from Stiff Neck Studio

Created & Donated by Wes Cogdal, STIFF NECK STUDIO


More on this massive 500-Point Infinity army as we near the launch on July 1, 2018.  In the meantime, a little information to wet your appetite!

On July 1, 2018: Purchase tickets here.  Proceeds will benefit Fisher House Foundation.


  • 1x Guijia
  • 2x Yaokong Remotes
  • 1x Sun Tze
  • 1x Invincible Yan Huo
  • 4x Shaolin Warrior Monks
  • 1x Hac Tao Sppecial Unit
  • 10 Kuang Shi (one with missile launcher)
  • 1x Bao Sniper
  • 1x Specialist
  • 1x Engineer Specilist
  • 3x Bao Trooper
  • 1x Sun Tze
  • 2x Medical/Engineer bots













SAGA 6-Point Viking Warband

SAGA 6-Point Viking Warband










Scroll down for more pictures of the professionally painted models!
Tickets go on sale MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

Welcome to the second NOCF raffle of 2018!  We have partnered up with Wargames Illustrated, Gripping Beast, and KR Multicase to be able to not only run this raffle online, but also introduce wargamers at SALUTE 2018 to the good things that the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation does each year. We were inspired by the recent release of Saga 2.0 from Studio Tomahawk to create one of their most iconic war bands – the Vikings!

This raffle is for an elite 6-point Warband for Saga, and includes:

• A Viking Warlord
• 4 Varangian Guard (Hearthguard)
• 4 Varangian Guard Axemen (Hearthguard)
• 4 Viking Hirdmen (Hearthguard)
• 4 Viking Berserkers (Hearthguard)
• 8 Viking Bondi (Warriors)
• 12 Viking Archers (Levy)
• A case from KR Multicase

Miniatures supplied by Gripping Beast. The Varangian Guard and Hirdmen are painted by Richard Rush, while the rest are painted by Dave Taylor of Dave Taylor Miniatures. Shield and Banner transfers are from Little Big Men Studios.

Tickets sales end April 16 at 12pm EST (or earlier if sold out). There are only 1,000 tickets available, at $5 each, which means your chances of winning are much better than surviving a clash with these fierce Northmen!

The winner will be announced later that day and broadcast via our social media channels.
Join us on Facebook at NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (www.facebook.com/thenocf/).

On March 19, 2018: Purchase tickets here.

Proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders.