MODEL: Warhammer 40K Commissar (2017)

Tickets go on sale October 13th.

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation’s 2017 Fall Model, Warhammer 40K Commissar was donated & painted by David Faust; visit his facebook page for more work.
Leading men has never been a task this old Commissar desired, but rather a necessity to see his people come through. In the harsh battle field toxic dust and chemicals are almost more harmful than the enemy, but this grizzled veteran see it as a way to feel alive and thus has removed his gas mask, a sign of imminent death in one last glorious charge.

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Proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders.





ARMY: Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing – Organa’s Angels (2017)

These FFG X-Wing models are being custom painted for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation 2017 by commissioned artist Madeline Cockrell and donated anonymously. This year, proceeds will benefit Fisher House.

Organa’s Angels contains:





Horus Heresy – Sons Of Horus – Speartip Of The Warmaster

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The Horus Heresy (AKA Warhammer 30K) has really been gaining a lot of momentum over the last few years, so we decided it was high time we put some of the Artist Consortium on painting up some beautiful (and impactful) Horus Heresy-era armies.

This Sons of Horus army is made from a mix of Forgeworld resin models and GW plastic models. It runs around 2,000 points once tricked out with the various upgrades and wargear items.

The army contains the following (and the artists are listed in parentheses):

• Legion Centurion in Terminator Armour (Ken Webb)

• Justaerin Terminator Squad with Multi Melta (Ken Webb)
• Legion Quad Launcher (Sean Fulton) with Drop Pod (Dave Taylor)

• Legion Tactical Squad with Drop Pod (Dave Taylor)
• Legion Tactical Squad (AJ Taflan) with Drop Pod (Dave Taylor)

Heavy Support
• Leviathan Siege Dreadnought (Brian Moll)
• Dreadnought Drop Pod (Ryan Kimmel)
• Kharybdis Assault Claw (Joe Johnson)

Lord of War
• Horus, The Warmaster, using the Orbital Assault Rite of War (Michelle Blastenbrei)

This is a pretty brutal army, with its ability to deliver all of its models via deep strike (in one of the various drop pods or teleportation). Your opponent will need to spread out their firepower to cover all bases, which gives you an advantage of reducing the intensity in any concentrated area of the battlefield.

While the entire army looks great, we must point out that Joe Johnson spent a LOT of time on wiring up the Kharbydis Assault Claw for lighting. He has very cunningly hidden the battery storage in the heart of the pod, accessed through the engine exhaust at the top. This really adds to the centerpiece of an army filled with centerpieces.

This army really is great for both veteran Horus Heresy players and those completely new to games in the Age of Darkness.