Model: Corvus Belli’s Studio Mini, “Maverick” (2015)

CB Maverick


Donated by Corvus Belli (Infinity the Game):

This is “Maverick with Boarding Shotgun” – the actual studio mini used to photograph this advertisement!  It is an exclusive model of the recently released USAriadna Army Pack (July 2015) and it will never be sold separately. It is a rare honor to have a parent company donate an actual studio miniature, and the NOCF is grateful for this first-ever opportunity!

Only 200 tickets will be sold, both on site and on sale at the NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention in Washington, D.C. (September 3-6, 2015).  Proceeds will support BREAST CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION & the FISHER HOUSE FOUNDATION.

Need not be present to win: The NOCF will ship anywhere in the world with a deliverable address. With only 200 tickets being sold, multiple tickets will increase your odds of winning greatly!