Steve McCuen (CGR Painters)

Steve got his start doing oil paintings on canvas, but then got distracted with computers and didn’t paint anything for years.  Then came Savage Worlds RPG; he started playing and painted a couple characters for the group. But it wasn’t until he was in a local game store and noticed a Flames of War display stand that his passion was really ignited. After browsing the books and blister packs, a light went off and he was off and running that very evening.

At the NHMGS Enfilade Convention in 2011, Steve entered the Flames of War tournament and won best painted army. He began to think maybe there was something to this after all. The painting was enjoyable, the challenge was exciting and the pay off wasn’t too bad.  Later that year, Steve contacted Russ Levy of CGR Painters and he has been painting for them ever since.

What started out as 15mm WW2 miniatures has now branched into all genres and scales, including terrain making.  Whether it be historical, science fiction, fantasy, steampunk – you name it – Steve is honored to paint for you. Now and then, you might even find him making time to paint his own miniatures!

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