Sean Fulton

The NOCF was introduced to Sean Fulton last year by one of the NOVA Open’s staff members – the lead for its Capital Palette miniature art competition, Mike Schaefer. Sean has a very real interest in the hobby, and in giving back to the community as demonstrated by his work on the Macragge Project.  We’re glad to have him on board once again this year with the Battle for the Craftworld!  We asked him to share a little about himself with us:

“I am a lifelong Kansas resident.  Like many of us, I was introduced to miniatures playing D&D growing up as a teen in the 80’s.  Once high school was finished, life got busy and time slipped by without any painting at all. In 2000, I was done with my studies, had found a job and had a couple children.  I was going through some old things and found those old gaming miniatures painted so long ago.  I took the brush back up and with the help of the internet reconnected with the hobby. These days, I am much more of a painter rather than a gamer. I have been fortunate to win and place in a few online competitions and was named Best in Show at Wyrd’s Halloween contest one year and was runner up Best in Show at ReaperCon last year. I’d like to say I have some interests outside of the miniature world, but I’d be hedging quite a bit…

Follow Sean’s WORKS in PROGRESS at:  You can also enjoy his Cool Mini Or Not portfolio at

Craftworld Models:  Sean will be painting for the Sons of Orar Space Marines, specifically the Chapter Master on a bike along with a Bike Squad.