Neil Szabo

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation welcomes Neil to its Artist Consortium of 2015. Last year, he wasted no time in generously volunteering to take on the Ultramarine army’s Sgt. Telion and all of his scouts. We asked Neil, who currently resides in Ontario Canada, to share a little about himself:

“Some of you might know me as Zab from C’MON or my own blog Almost Perftec. Most of you don’t know me at all. The Internet is fickle like that. I started gaming back in the RT era and have always loved the hobby aspect more than the gaming (and 40K more than anything else). I suppose it’s my creative side – and my lack of tactical acumen – that pushed me that way. There is still nothing I like more than seeing well painted armies battling it out on a great table. I’m so happy to be back and working on both armies this year.”

Follow Neil’s WORKS in PROGRESS at:

For Battle for the Craftworld:  Neil will be painting for both teams, offering a Tactical Squad for the Sons of Orar and Striking Scorpions for the Alaitoc.