2017 ARMY: Flames of War: Rommel’s Afrika Korps

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The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation’s 2017 painted by Steve McCuen. This year, proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Army arrives in fully customized transport case donated by KR MULTICASE, with custom acrylic templates from TNT LASER WORKS.

Fun Facts:  53 vehicles combined, 112 magnets, ~ 265 decals, thousands (>4000) of cuts of sprue parts. (Number are the total for both FoW Armies: Monty’s Desert Rats & Rommel’s Afrika Korps.)

Note: The items supplied by Battlefront are not exactly per the DAK box as they sent raw sprues but is as follows and provides a good starter army, more than what is in box.
All tank turrets are magnetized, tanks are the new plastic Battlefront Miniatures models
5 Panzer III short 5cm barrel tanks
5 Panzer III uparmoured long 5cm barrel tanks
5 Panzer IV long 7.5cm barrel tanks
6 Panzer IV short 7.5cm barrel tanks
4 Tiger tanks
Take a look a Steve’s final custom paint job below.